Extends monetary aid and support from the UK to raise the standard of living and aid in alleviating the suffering of needy and disadvantaged Egyptians. BLESS UK was established in 1990 as a non-profit charity organization. All contributions collected are sent to BLESS Egypt, our mother charity, office located in Cairo, Egypt. Bless Egypt was first founded in 1962.

BLESS – the Bishopric of PubLic Ecumenical and Social Services – distributes these funds among several programs. These programs include: Family Assistance, Medical Assistance, Assistance for People with Disabilities, Education, Housing, Roofing, Outreach, Marriage Expenses Assistance, and Emergency Relief. BLESS Egypt operates with a pioneer concept; shifting from charity to development approach. It plans for comprehensive integrated development at community level. It helps poor people discover, develop their potentials and improve the conditions of their communities: socially, culturally and economically for a better life for all.

BLESS UK is devoted entirely to humanitarian activities. BLESS UK does not fund programs of Church infrastructure, mission, reconstruction, or seminary support.

BLESS UK is a registered charity (No. 1005852) under the HMRC Code. It is run and managed by volunteers and the only expenses paid in the UK are to the accountants to prepare & submit end of year accounts to the authorities plus bank charges – thus saving every penny for the needy in Egypt.