The Coptic Orthodox Church, in its continuous commitment to the prosperity of humanity, believes that it has a leading role in development from both a cultural and social perspeactive. The Coptic Church represents the collective-consciousness embedded within Egyptian society, because of its unique origin which is deeply rooted in human principles and Christian morals. BLESS represents a practicing model for both Egypt and the Coptic Church as a developmental entity, which is an extension for the role of the church and presents a live model for the society.


A community capable of investing its potential, accepting diversity, respecting differences, and preserving with human dignity.

The Strategic Directions

  • First Strategic Direction
    Promoting social awareness to maintain a secure society that accepts diversity and respects differences. A society which is built on citizenship, does not discriminate, and works towards peace and equality.
  • Second Strategic Direction
    Empowering poor communities in slums and underprivileged areas to develop themselves and eliminate poverty . Empowering and protecting marginalized groups and help them to fully integrate into their society (eg. children, women, people with disabilities, drug addicts, and prisoners).
  • Third Strategic Direction
    Establishing partnerships with non-governmental, governmental, and international development organizations. BLESS, with its accumulative experience in the field of social, cultural, and economic development, will initiate its active participation as a technical support entity.